Total Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Hip Replacement


The anterior approach is a “muscle sparing” operation in that the surgeon moves muscles of the hip rather than cutting muscle. This may have several advantages. Because the muscle is not cut or traumatized, the patients recover faster, and the hips may be more stable and less prone to dislocation.

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What is an anterior hip replacement?

Anterior hip replacement surgery is a total hip replacement surgery in which the diseased joint is removed through an anterior (front) incision as opposed to a posterior (back) approach. During an anterior hip replacement the patient is on his or her back (supine) rather than on his or her side. Special anterior hip replacement instruments allow the surgeon to see down the femur, or thigh bone, which allows for accurate placement of the metal prosthesis.

What are the benefits of anterior hip replacement?

  • Faster recovery process: can be done outpatient; our patients drive within 10 days, sleep on operative side in 2 weeks and return to normal activities in 6-12 weeks
  • May improve the ability of the surgeon to equalize the leg lengths
  • May improve the stability of the implant, reducing the need for protective “precautions” in the immediate post-operative period

What can I expect from anterior hip replacement surgery?

  • One hour surgery time (patient dependent). 
  • A complete pre-operative workup that will focus on preparing your for your anterior hip replacement
  • One day in the hospital or if you qualify a same day surgery at our outpatient surgical center
  • A comprehensive mulit-modal pain management protocol resulting in less use if any of narcotic pain medication.
  • Physical Therapy centered around walking as main source for accelerated recovery.

Am I a good candidate for OUTPATIENT anterior hip replacement surgery?

 Ideal candidates should be:

  • In extremely good health
  • Young
  • At a healthy weight
  • In good shape
  • Free of excessive fat tissue or muscle bulk in the anterior thigh